First blog post EVER!

This is my first adventure in blogging. I have been aware of blogging for a long time. I have also struggled with writing my whole life (bad grammer, horid spelling, ruuuuuunnnnn on sentences, etc.). So this is terrifying for me. But I feel I have thoughts to share and people to reach. I love the idea of saving my musings for others to discover and possibly learn from.

My goal is to use this as a more personal blog covering a wider range of topics that I find interesting. I am a parent, a seamstress, a wife, a martial artist, a friend, a learner of skills and more. My mind wanders frequently thru many ‘what if’ scenarios. I am a closet prepper/homestead dreamer. I love the idea of living in a community but have never lived in one that claimed the title fully. History for me is the thread that ties my life together in many ways. So I will ramble and bounce around, you have been warned.

Thanks for stopping by and reading!


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