Why Freedom

blog-challenge-badge-12   This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2. Find it here. This has been a fun experience so far and a good nudge to get me moving in the direction I need to go.

Why do I want to live a freedom lifestyle? Freedom is a tricky word to define, the true definition is different for each person. For me freedom is working for myself and having time to spend with family and friends all while being able to travel as well. I grew up traveling often with my parents and I fully agree with the concept of Experiences not Stuff. That being said I have way to much stuff, but it’s a process. My goal in living a freedom lifestyle is to do a job that gives me freedom and that allows me to help the people I enjoy working with most while aiming for my biggest goal.

Well that’s nice Allison but why should anyone pay you for that?! I believe that each place, be it a town, city, camp, Health spa, etc; is special. The magic of a place comes mainly from its people. Many service jobs are thankless jobs. How often do you not even acknowledge the individual who cleans the bathroom at your workplace. Often they are there after normal business hours cleaning alone. But think about how much NOT having that one thing taken care of would negatively effect your work time. So much of the work done in this world is invisible and hence under valued. I strive to say thank you any time I encounter a service worker because without them our world would crumble.

We each have our own strengths and weaknesses. We each have our role to play in this world. I am in love with being the un-seen magic that changes and empowers lives. Freedom for me is creating a community and one day a place where people can be free to follow their passion and live in peace.

It takes hard work and deliberate effort to make a place of peace and joy. The world will be a better place if we can learn how people used to live and live now together. It takes work and thinking about others needs as well as your own. Community is important not only on-line but also in the local world we live in. Creating stronger communities will make the world a much better place. And that is why doing the dirty jobs is a nobel effort. And in the end making the world a better place is for my future, for my kids.



2 thoughts on “Why Freedom

  1. I love your “Experiences not Stuff” – Now you need to work on cutting down the stuff! Also to thank those people who make your life run more smoothly. At UConn when they first cut back our janitorial staff and just brought in folks as contractors in the evening it impacted us all. Many students (or their wives) cleaned up rooms before their defenses or other important presentations. I would clean up a lecture hall before an important event and after. We took those positions for granted until they were gone. They are down to every other day now so we started to only have paper lean recyclables in our offices at night and empty our food trash or better yet never put it in our trash bins at all in our offices only the big hall trash that got emptied more regularly. So maybe I’m saying we better all know how to fend for ourselves in the end because we may have to someday.


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