Wait, that’s a Super Power



Who knew that cutting out a skirt was a super power, but apparently it is one of mine. Fabric and I get along. I want fabric to do something and it listens. It is great when your making clothes or grabbing curtains at a theater. Or when your friend calls you up because they need help with a show they are working on cause it starts in two weeks. Beyond that there isn’t too much you can use it for. But man when you need a bustle dress for steam punk, it is totally a super power!



Lucky for me I do have other super powers as well! I spoke about my auditory processing disorder here all in all I don’t consider my disorder a bad thing anymore. Because I had it I was given extra training on remembering directions, asking for clarification, time management, and self advocacy. Most kids get a five-minute tutorial around 5th or 6th grade on how to write down homework assignments and they are left to figure it out on their own. For me now these kinds of things come naturally because they were trained into me at an early age.

downloadSo Super Powers? Yeah I totally have the super power of Clear communication. Yes it may seem odd to consider communication a super power but how many times do we wish that we had simply understood what someone actually wanted of us. In college I was the kid everyone checked with for what the exact assignment was because I was the one who double checked with the professor. All of us struggle at some point, often daily, to clearly communicate what we want, have, see, etc. My son is so good at saying ‘what is that?’ to which I always tell him ‘I don’t know what that you are talking about you need to be more specific.’ We are working on it, he is almost 4. If someone says they want a red dress that has thousands of options, but if they want a red velvet dress that is almost black that narrows it down quite a bit. There is a reason on-line retailers put so much effort into their search tools, it allows their customers to communicate more clearly their wants and needs. Clear communication is super power because it allows every aspect of life to happen more smoothly; whether it’s work, relationships, recreational groups, etc. it’s all better with great communication.

2015-12-17-1450391190-7932118-whatmakesaleaderhpBeyond communication my other super power is being a Leader. For me being a leader is a natural skill but also one I think about quite often. I started organizing my friends in high school for camping trips, with flyers sent home and everything. I have the ability to listen and understand many things and many needs that people have. These skills all support being a leader because leading is not about doing something well. Leading is about finding the people who can do something and making sure they have what they need to accomplish the goals. For me leadership is about facilitation. When I have had a large enough team to set up for a faire in my previous business I quite often wouldn’t be working on one task because I was giving directions or moving supplies so that the team could continue to work efficiently. I have found I am good at bringing the right group of people together to get the job done and helping them to work together smoothly.



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4 I loved writing this post here and thinking about my skills and strengths as super powers. Quite often we forget how amazing we truly are. We humans are amazing in our strengths and our weaknesses. Thanks for reading and I will be back with more tomorrow!


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