A plan for Success with kids

20160606_160705.jpgLife with kids is totally unpredictable. Above is my kids dumping the salt and pepper shakers all over our dinning room table. It was hard to explain why they were in trouble when I stopped laughing. Life for kids and adults is better when scheduled. A consistent schedule is a valuable tool for maintaining sanity. Yes it is possible to over schedule your life, and you run the risk of getting to buried in your schedule with no time for spontaneous choices. As with anything balance is best, but you must find your definition of balance.


I am starting new ventures that are in some ways simpler than my previous work (WAY less Stuff required) and in other ways more complex (I will have to work each day and meet with people on their schedule). At the same time this life shift is giving me the chance to work on many of my other habits as well. My goal is to work one day at a time and one change at a time to not only achieve my goals but to also achieve my ideal life at the same time. For me success isn’t only about building my community and castle, it is also about enjoying my family, friends and the process along the way.

20160914_101510.jpgMy daily plan for success is to get up between 4:30 and 5:00 am each day so that I have that time to do my mourning rituals and mentally prepare for the day. This will allow me to get my quiet time activities and my exercise in before my kids get up. I will set my three main goals for the day with at least one of them being a task to move me towards success. I am totally a fan of To Do lists, so I check on my lists at least once a week to keep them in my mind and keep them accurate to my accomplishments. Keeping my To Do lists present in my mind is great for when I get unexpected time to work. Today my daughter napped early but she is fantastic at playing on her own so I am able to write this post while she plays on her own. The beauty of this for me is I can work and watch her learn and explore while still being present to kiss a boo boo if needed.

blog-challenge-badge-12I feel so accomplished and have had a great start to my day when I get up early and take care of myself so I can care for my family and my goals. Success with kids is possible it simply requires patience and planning. I am so grateful that I have found so much free advice and encouragement on-line to give me the confidence to move forward.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5


3 thoughts on “A plan for Success with kids

  1. I like your planning and am very impressed with your wake-up time. I would often resolve to get up early to exercise and get one chore done before kids woke up but I never could stick to it. I found that I could not go to sleep in the evening early enough to get up in the morning. Also having that list in your mind to review and catch little spots of time to do things is great!


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