Finding my Tribe

20160902_063203.jpgI have been part of many tribes over the short course of my life so far. In high school I was part of the nerd tribe and the odd outcast tribe. In college I was a theater techy and also a history nerd. After college I happily signed up for the rennie tribe (folks who work at, attend often, and love renaissance faires). I also joined the entrepreneur tribe at the same time as I started my business. Currently I am working on joining the reenactor tribe and joining the event planning tribe. Each different aspect of our lives could be defined as a different tribe if we chose.

I prefer to think of my tribe as the do-ers I know, they are the ones I feel the most kin-ship with, that is the common theme in each tribe I listed above once I hit college. I love planning and organizing and simply being an energized bunny some days. At the same time not everyone I know fully understands what being a do-er means. Each phase of my life has moved me closer to the right tribe of people.

20160902_082114.jpgAt the end of this summer I was fortunate to be able to work at Sandy Island for two weeks. Sandy Island is a family camp run by the Boston YMCA. Many families come back to the same week year after year, my family is one of the families that goes every summer. I grew up knowing that Sandy was a magical place. From my experience with events and theater I knew the staff was the key to making Sandy the wonderful place it is. This summer I got to experience being part of the team that helps make Sandy such a happy and peaceful place.

The team of Sandy Island is united by a love of Sandy not only as a place but also as an experience and they know that their work helps not only the guests but also the staff enjoy their time at Sandy. The beauty of a good team is trust that every job will get done and that every member of the team will be cared for. My final weekend there the director of the camp was sick with a fever and her assistant had left for the season. The whole staff worked together and made sure every job was taken care of.

blog-challenge-badge-12This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 6. Our challenge for today is to write about someone who is living the life you want to live. For many years I have admired Kate. Kate was the director of Sandy and now is the executive director of three YMCA camps including Sandy. Kate also is a mother of two cute boys and a wife to a loving and supportive husband. Kate finds time be with her family and has days that are crazy busy, and yes I somehow know that is what I want. I want to have a fantastic team, a place that is a joy for people to visit and live at, and new challenges to solve each day.

If I only had one question that I was able to ask Kate I would ask her ‘What is the best way to care for your staff?’ In any customer service industry ensuring that your staff is ready and able to serve your customers is critical. I have heard Kate comment before that she takes care of her people so that they take care of the campers. This is the sign of a leader who leads from the front with action in a manner that her subordinates know that they can trust her to have their back if needed. I can only endeavour to be that effective.

For my castle dream I am sure I will need more mentors, guides and tribe members. I still have work to do and more people to meet on my journey. I trust that I will recognize my tribe when I find them. Their passions will sing to mine.


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