All actions are Imperfect

download-1One of the biggest challenges we all face is procrastination and feeling overwhelmed with a large goal. I am no exception. Some of it comes from my own self doubt, some from what I have absorbed from those around me. When you tell people ‘My life goal is to build a castle with a historical town for people to live in’ they all think your nuts. The best response I get is ‘How are you going to do that?’ It is a question I have pondered for a very long time. But I have seen the amazing things that people can do when they work together and I believe that it is possible. But where and how to start…

I don’t know if where I am starting will actually work or not, but I must start somewhere. I have minimal experience with events, but I have experienced a wide variety. The bottom line is I must act in some way. I can not wait for it to be the perfect action, even a professional level athlete can never know if their next action will be perfect or not there are to many factors that can affect the result. How often do our paths change or do we look back at our younger self only to say ‘I wanted to be what?’ Planning is good as long as you keep your mind open to change and commit to adapting to your current situation.

finding-focusThe imperfect action I am going to commit to is to writing and/or recording every day to move myself closer to a successful on-line business. I am a perfectionist because of my fears of failure and my desire to deliver a quality product. However I also try to balance perfection with practicality and acknowledge when I have done enough to act. The fact that I am here writing right now is amazing to me as a tiny step in the right direction.

leadership_and_powerThis imperfect action aiming in the right direction each day will allow me to grow my confidence and start practicing for the work I have planned ahead. By practicing the main things I will hopefully be doing for the next few years I will be able to accelerate my success. After doing this one simple action and hopefully adding a couple more over the next 30 days I will establish good habits for my future.

blog-challenge-badge-12This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 7 I have been so grateful and inspired by doing this challenge. It is amazing to me how well Natalie crafts her prompts to get you thinking and moving in the right direction. I am looking forward to my life each day with excitement which hasn’t happened in a long time and it is so energizing. Thank you!


One thought on “All actions are Imperfect

  1. I loved this post on so many levels! The idea that we know what we want always amazes me. I wanted to work with animals. My first job had me working with Chickens and mice. I was so nervous all the time as I caught those chickens and swabbed their little throats or took blood samples. It was worse with the mice, as I screamed and dropped them as they ran across the floor there went my experiment! The goats were worse. I did find that with the necropsies I was better thus pathology into biochemistry and then education. I then thought Outreach, I loved going to schools and sharing science with kids of all ages so I wrote a grant to do this full time. I was very successful and in my first month out I saw over 2,000 kids! Too ambitious. Then I trained college students to do the traveling and I only made guest appearances to blow things up! Much better. My ideas flowed but I wasn’t exhausted. You never know what you really want until you try things. I like this idea of moving forward and taking action steps towards your goal. You are a real “Do – er” keep getting things done and keep dreaming of what you want to do.

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