Lifestyle Freedom

I wish I had learned about the many different ways of living earlier on in my life. I grew up in a nuclear family in America. That is currently how I live with my family. But I have experienced the freedom of living in a large group. I have listened and read about many more lifestyles. All in all I feel that how I live is luxurious and ridiculous at the same time.

For me part of making this shift from a very material career to a more digital career is very freeing. I have been able to take some vacations with my husband and family, but always at the cost of work time and selling at events. To be able to go on vacation and simply plan on a reduced work load while traveling is a game changing thought. In some ways because I am going into a field where I can travel to different historical events I can blend work and vacation easily.

For me I strive for a blend of work, life and adventure not a balance. I see no reason why a single activity cannot fall into multiple categories. There will always be those that are only one like reading to my kids will simply be a thing I do as part of my life for joy not work or adventure. But as I travel to a conference or event it can be an adventure to get there and be there as well as work getting done on the adventure. I can include my kids in my work so that they will learn more about the world than just what school has to offer them.

If I was on a fabulous three week extended vacation in Portugal (I can dream for sure) I would balance vacation time and work time by striving to keep my morning routine unaltered. Even in my current life when my husband is on his summer vacation from teaching we still get up early in the morning to start our day well. Waking up early with time to care for myself and get my goals and intentions for the day in order is critical. From that beginning I would make sure that I was keeping about a 25% work time 75% vacation time schedule throughout the week. I would do it by week so that we would have the flexibility to take a day long tour if we wished. That could be balanced by a more work heavy day where my husband took the kids to a local park to give me quiet time to focus.

All in all I think a perfect day can be achieved while at home or traveling. I also think a lot can be learned from hearing about how others are freeing themselves by exploring the many lifestyle options available to them. This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 9. Our ideal lifestyle shifts over the course of our lives. We must be the ones in control of those shifts so they happen when we want them to and are ready for them.


One thought on “Lifestyle Freedom

  1. I like the idea of a work life blend. I especially see the travel work life blend with adventure. My husband and I both travel for work and bring along the other when we can. I blended my work with my wish to go to Machu Picchu with my husband. It was a great adventure and we did excellent work as well while we were there! I had my daughter -in-law travel with me to London on a work trip and my son-in-law travel with me to Hawaii on a work trip. My son met me at a conference twice on work trips. Now I just need to get my daughter to meet me on a work trip…La Jolla April 2017 maybe?? Work Life blend, hmm I like that. As a retired person still working I also get to choose more what I do and who I work with and am so happy to be working with friends!

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