Celebrating Freedom!

csez15qwaaajofg.jpgFreedom is a beautiful thing and I am getting closer day by day. Yesterday was a huge milestone for me because I was able to deliver the last part of my last wedding order. I have three small orders still left to do but the large stress of a wedding is gone finally. Taking the time to do this blog challenge each day has allowed me the space to think and dream for my future has been my favorite part of this challenge.
Letting go of a job you hate has its own challenges but it is something that is often celebrated. For me I am letting go of a job that I still love on some days, that is challenging. Writing each day about how and why I am moving on has helped me shift my mindset towards myself and my career. I got an email from a potential customer today who would like a cloak. It’s an easy thing to make. It would be very easy to say yes. I would love to use up the fabric I have so I don’t have to sell it on eBay later on. But I need to say NO because my time is precious and I am moving on to better things for me. Even writing that is hard for me to do, I hate to disappoint someone over such a simple job. This is what I have loved achieving thru this challenge.

4c316ea2ae01be634bc9783ca982f55fMy favorite day of the challenge so far has been Day 5 – A plan for Success with kids. For me I love a simple plan for daily action to move me closer to success, not just get x job done. This whole process for me is not simply about changing jobs it is also about changing my whole lifestyle. I love waking up early and wanting to get up because I am excited about what I will get to do today. I love that I am working to make taking care of myself something I just do. The mental shift is so freeing, I am doing.

At the start of 2016 I gently announced that I was going to close my business making clothing. I wasn’t clear on what I was going to do next, but I knew this year was for transformation. I have tinkered with many different ideas on my own but I hadn’t hit on anything that rang true for me and excited me. Then I signed up for Natalie’s Idea to Income course which I loved. It was simple and quick and helped you look at what you want to do from new angles. Now I need to work thru the tools the course gave me to get my own podcast and blog up and running for my new venture. Doing this blog challenge and starting this personal blog has been a great confidence booster and habit builder to get me moving in the right direction.



This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 10. I am so grateful that I stumbled upon Natalie’s podcast a while ago, it is inspirational and helpful every time.



The next step for me is to start acting. I need to continue to post here on a regular basis for fun and practice writing. I also need to get my former business wrapping up neatly. I need to get my new business up and running both financially and on the internet. There are many details to attend to but I am lucky to have the freedom to do it. So away I go!

This image here is my current visualization image of my future goal. I hope one day to build a place where a party like this is a regular and celebrated occurence. For me it ties into the concept of when you have surplus build a longer table not a higher wall.1abedf8cef332b8479710cae534b0718.jpg


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