Striving for Simplicity

Simplicity is a beautiful thing. But it has also always been a very difficult thing to achieve. Today I was working on cleaning and purging my home. As I worked I thought about how dependant we are on our stuff. We rely on it not only for happiness but also for memory. And stuff requires us to care for it as well.

Throughout history there have been many wise people who have advocated for simplicity. We are seeing a growing trend towards simplicity right now. Tiny houses are popping up all over. People are working at using less for the benefit of experiencing more. We are starting to realise what a wonderful change we can make.

I am working on simplifying my life one step at a time. I’m getting rid of things we no longer need or use. I’m also letting go of a career that only was seeming to complicate life. I hope that my family can get used to living in less space. Not only will this shift allow us to enjoy our lives more but it will also prepare us for long trips together.

Simplicity is hard work but well worth the effort. We idealize simplicity because we think it must be simple. But as with most things that make us happy they do not come without our participation.


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